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Wonderful images

Just enjoyed viewing your images....Some fantastic Photography on your website...Thanks for sharing your talent with us ! :)

Super website

Just wanted to say what a great site,stunning work as always,Paul !!


A love your shots!! Really you is a master!!
Greetings from Brazil!!
Hilda Sathler

You rock.

I'll be back.
Max tuta


Had a good look around and read , must say i am impressed..Very professional m8, keep up the good work...Rich.
Rich Edmondson


Hello Paul,
first..please excuse my bad engish. Its only my scool english and there was a lot of time ago.
Now i have fond your brilliant homepage. So i must say thank you very much. It was great honor for me to be your flickr frend.
With many greetings from Tirol
Harald Miller
Harald Miller

Your photography

Just wanted to say your photos are absolutely stunning. I followed the link from your flickr account and it was well worth the visit. It has inspired me to consider purchasing a macro lens to explore the art of macro photography. Thank you for sharing your wonderful images.
Lesley Hopwood-Ryan


Awesome my friend.
Really awesome.
I've never saw your link to your webpage.
I'll visit you more often.


So many amazing pictures I found here!! Love them! You have such a talent! /Maria Lemón (Sweden)

Your revised website

Had yet another look through your updated site and must say I am very impressed with the layout and selection of shots.
I will continue to look in from time to time.

Excellent *****
Aldel (Alan)

Your Site

Looks fantastic Paul,superb photography!!!
Margaret S Sweeny


Congratulations, Paul. It's a super site! One shot that particularly caught my eye was your "Mayan Dance of Fire". Looking forward to coming back for another visit!
Iris Mackenzie

Good Job

Congrats Paul!
This is a great website and I think all the hard work will pay off!
Great Job!

Web site

Love this site Paul and look forward to watching it grow - well done!
Patricia Hamilton

Your Site

Hi Paul: You have done a wonderful job with this site - very professional. Your photos are absolutely Fantastic it is a pleasure to stop by with a drink and linger for a while. Keep the great photos comming here and on Flickr.
Ed Siciliano


Hi Paul, just popped in to say "Hi" and wish you well with this site, it's wonderful. I may yet have to set up one of my own.......
cheers, cw.
Chris Wilson


It was certainly worth waiting for Paul the effort and energy and for the images are wonderful, and a great place to visit, congrats.
Bill Kominsky

Your Site

The site looks terrific, Paul! Your images really pop off the screen. Great work...I wish you much success!

Peggy Collins

Your Site

Paul your site is looking fantastic! You have such a talent, and your photographs are amazing!
Vanda Wallace


Great site Paul, i love the variety of subjects on you site.!!! The look al superb!!!

See you at Flickr.

Rob Christiaans
Rob Christiaans


A wonderful site Paul. Your images are stunning. Lovely to meet you.
Ian & Ann

just to say:WOW!

wow your art work is AMAZING! so many of the photgraphs of looe i remember seeing from when i was really young and the pictures of dartmoor are brilliant i remeber a lot of them too! a picture of the hunt at dartmoor would be beautiful :) just an idea


Web site

Just a note to say I have enjoyed my visit and see that both of us have used Clickpic. Lovely site, will keep bouncing back, it has given me ideas for mine.

All the best Paul

Tony Margiocchi


I love your website, you are very creative. What a wonderful collection of images. Well done my friend.
Glenn Mills


Hello friend!

I saw your work.

Just amazing.


your website

They say there are no accidents in life, and this is sure proof! I am just in the beginning stages of working on putting together a blog, as I am nowhere ready for a website yet, but seeing your's encourages me tremendously, thank you for sharing your marvelous work. You are such an inspiration!

billie day

your new website

Hello Paul,
I finally found time to browse through your entire site and, needless to say, it's gorgeous. Not to mention the well-known beauty of your photos, I also liked the way you presented them.
A very nice job!

Take care,
Patrizia Palla

this site

congratulations! A perfect site to show off your magnificent images. Superb, Paul.
Best wishes,
johanna boulter

First look at the website

Hey Paul

Just followed a link from your Flickr site..............this is a nicely set up site, and the pics look great on my screen. Glad you got it going :)

Bill Cross

Your web gallery!

Your page looks awesome Paul. Very nice layout and of course beautiful images to boot!

Hope all is well on your side of the pond... Take care!

Steve Wheeler (aka spw11 on Flickr)

lovely pictures

I enjoyed a quick tour of your pictures - the site looks great.

Linda xx
Linda Cronin